Get a handle on it!

The tools I maintain handy over my woodworking bench. I thought they deserved a possibility on Flickr. Posted by twm1340 on 2009-03-11 01:26:38 Tagged: , woodworking , workbench , applications , hand #furniture #Do it yourself #woodwork #woodworking #freedownload#woodworkingprojects #woodsmith ,wooden craft, wooden planer, high-quality woodworking, wood chairs, wooden doing work applications, preferred woodworking, woodworking… Continue reading Get a handle on it!

New Workbench

The leading is from IKEA and undermount vise from Woodcraft. The style for the body is centered on just one from Good Woodworking. Posted by sunyata on 2011-12-03 00:22:36 Tagged: , woodworking , do-it-yourself , workbench , bench #furniture #Do it yourself #woodwork #woodworking #freedownload#woodworkingprojects #woodsmith ,wood craft, wood planer, great woodworking, picket chairs, wood… Continue reading New Workbench

Roubo Workbench

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Previous Schwamb Mill, Arlington, Massachusetts. See for a description of the mill. Posted by trochford on 2015-03-26 16:52:47 Tagged: , planer , device , instrument , wood , picket , woodworking , workbench , workshop , Old Schwamb MIll , aged , historic , Schwamb , mill , manufacturing facility , manufacturing , image… Continue reading Woodworking


This would be a very poor (zire71) snapshot of my workbench. It really is generally a 30x96x4 torsion box leading on a modified trestle foundation with pet holes, a tail vise, and a double screw encounter vise. The stand is an open up trestle foundation whole of compound angles that can make it wholly rack… Continue reading workbench