Get a handle on it!

The tools I maintain handy over my woodworking bench. I thought they deserved a possibility on Flickr. Posted by twm1340 on 2009-03-11 01:26:38 Tagged: , woodworking , workbench , applications , hand #furniture #Do it yourself #woodwork #woodworking #freedownload#woodworkingprojects #woodsmith ,wooden craft, wooden planer, high-quality woodworking, wood chairs, wooden doing work applications, preferred woodworking, woodworking… Continue reading Get a handle on it!

2014 – Costa Rica – Sarchi – Miss Artisan at Work 2 of 2

Sarchi artist plies her abilities in the Artisans Marketplace. No “designed in a foreign country” souvenirs below. Each piece is handcrafted on internet site. Sarchi is regarded the leading artisan craft destination in Costa Rica. It is largely recognized for its woodworking. Site visitors can view quite a few of the artists really hard at… Continue reading 2014 – Costa Rica – Sarchi – Miss Artisan at Work 2 of 2

Birdseye Pen Holder

The pen caddy, also commonly known as a pen organizer, is a compact and convenient tool used for organizing pens, pencils and other writing utensils. The pen caddy is typically designed to hold pens vertically, making it easier for users to see and access the pens they need. Additionally, the compact nature of the pen… Continue reading Birdseye Pen Holder

Open Air Museum’s Living Room in Estonia

The Living Room at the Estonian Open Air Museum is an authentic reconstruction of a traditional rural Estonian living space from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The room is part of the museum’s collection of over 70 historical buildings that have been relocated to the museum’s 72-hectare site, which recreates the rural landscape and… Continue reading Open Air Museum’s Living Room in Estonia