France, Château de Beynac Window

Check out Massive On Black The castle was designed from the 12th century by the barons of Beynac (one particular of the four baronies of Périgord) to close the valley. The sheer cliff facial area getting ample to discourage any assault from that facet, the defences were being built up on the plateau: double crenellated… Continue reading France, Château de Beynac Window

“Rustic Retreat by the Creek: The Charm of a Cabin Getaway”

The Creek Cabin project is a rural cabin constructed from pallet wood, featuring a metal roof and a cast iron stove. This off-the-grid cabin is designed to be self-sufficient, with a solar power system providing electricity and a composting toilet to manage human waste. The cabin is situated near a creek, providing a peaceful and… Continue reading “Rustic Retreat by the Creek: The Charm of a Cabin Getaway”

Cabin by the Creek

The Creek Cabin project is a unique off-the-grid cabin that features the use of reclaimed pallet wood and a metal roof to create a rustic, yet modern look. Situated in a beautiful natural setting, the cabin also incorporates a cast iron stove as its primary source of heat. Using pallet wood as a building material… Continue reading Cabin by the Creek

Paradise River Mt Rainier_01

Found in the southwest corner of the park, Paradise is aptly named and there are number of destinations in just the full national park process that are this spectacular. Nestled on the south slopes of the glacier-shrouded volcano at an elevation of 5,400 toes with stunning sights of wildflower meadows, Paradise is 19 miles within… Continue reading Paradise River Mt Rainier_01

haggard bike shop

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