Death of a Grand Dame / After the Blitz

1:12 Scale, Among September 1940 and May possibly 1941, throughout the 2nd World War the city of London was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 76 consecutive nights and numerous towns and towns throughout the place followed. A lot more than a person million London homes had been wrecked or destroyed, and additional than 40,000 civilians… Continue reading Death of a Grand Dame / After the Blitz

Laundry closet

This 1:6 scale diorama has been close to due to the fact 2012. I extra a few distinct objects to the cabinets, but it is very substantially the exact same. Washer, dryer, laundry basket, ironing board, environmentally friendly iron: Gloria repainted Boxes of toiletries and boxes of supplies in closet, pink shelf, pink towels, 2… Continue reading Laundry closet

From B2 to B1: Rewriting the Title

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“Compact Vanity: A Smaller-Sized Storage Solution”

The 1/12th scale vanity unit is a miniature version of a bathroom cabinet. It is made of wood and comes with ceramic bowls that are ideal for washing or rinsing. The unit features two opening drawers that can be used to store toiletries, cosmetics, or small towels. Additionally, there is a tilting laundry drawer that… Continue reading “Compact Vanity: A Smaller-Sized Storage Solution”

Phew! The New Log Cabin Project

A miniature log cabin replica is being built by a woodworker as a project. The cabin is being built with chinking in between the logs like a real log cabin by the woodworker. The author of the content is going to be the one to finish and decorate the cabin. There will be plenty of… Continue reading Phew! The New Log Cabin Project