Birdseye Pen Holder

The pen caddy, also commonly known as a pen organizer, is a compact and convenient tool used for organizing pens, pencils and other writing utensils. The pen caddy is typically designed to hold pens vertically, making it easier for users to see and access the pens they need. Additionally, the compact nature of the pen… Continue reading Birdseye Pen Holder

Shaker Style Book Shelf Left Side

Here is my initial home furnishings make, a shaker fashion Book Case, from the book ‘Working Wooden 1 & 2″ by master craftsman Paul Sellers, I finished this with de-waxed shellac then 3 levels of water based gloss varnish, the wooden applied is Scandinavian Redwood Pine, I approach on producing far more of them to… Continue reading Shaker Style Book Shelf Left Side